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Dr. Janet Horton is an experct chiropractic in Des Plaines, IL

Dr. Janet Horton

Dr. Janet Horton graduated from the National College of Chiropractic (now National University of Health Sciences ) in Lombard, Illinois in 1999. She relocated her practice to Des Plaines, Illinois in 2005.

As a dedicated life-long learner, Dr. Horton is always elevating her skills to ensure that she is delivering the highest and best Chiropractic care to her patients.

While Dr. Horton is an expert in many chiropractic adjusting disciplines, she specializes in the gentle, low-force, Specific Prone adjusting method, and state-of-the-art needleless acupuncture.

These techniques are comfortable, reliable, and provide outstanding and consistent results.


Yareli is inspired to be a part helping people live fuller lives through chiropractic. Before joining the team at Horton Chiropractic, Yareli worked in early education.

This experience not only honed her empathic skills, but also enhanced her innate abilities to practice compassion and care for others.

Yareli adds even more value to our office with her fluent Spanish. Se habla Español!

At Horton Chiropractic staff treats you like family. And we speak Spanish!
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